Secretary General: William Finlator
Deputy Secretary Generals: Cara Shepherd, Vijay Keshav

PLEASE NOTE: These are the briefing papers for the 2019 conference for an example of what the committees will be covering. The agenda for the 2020 conference will be published closer to the start date

Human Rights 1

Discrimination Against Vegans
Hungary's Treatment of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
LGBTQ+ rights in Thailand
Proposed execution of 14 men in Saudi Arabia

Human Rights 2

Prostitution and sex-trafficking
The Rights of Journalists
LGBTQ+ rights in Thailand
Uighur repression in China

Political 1 & 2

Drone Warfare
Neocolonialism in Africa
Preventing the Weaponisation of Space

Cultural and Social

Censorship Laws
Protection of Landmarks in Conflicts
Protection of Rights of Indigenous Populations
Discrimination Against Vegans


Indonesian Haze Crisis
Water Conflict


International Standards in Female Medical Care
International Standards on the regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms
Vaccination in developing countries
Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs


Falkland Islands (May 1982)
Greek Civil War (July 1947)
Rhodesia (November 1965)
Yom Kippur War (July 1974)

Security Council

Voluntourism in South Asia
The Venezuelan Crisis
Peacekeeper Reform
The Belt and Road Initiative

Resolution Guide

Writing MUN Resolutions